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About Us

Duality  is the company established in 2020 that consists of two sections. These sections include Architecture and Technology. The aim of this company is to gather two tasks which strongly relate and depend on each other. We started to initiate a combination of architecture and technology to help customers to achieve their dream design all at once. The client will be informed about every single detail regarding the design procedure before the start of the project and implementation. The collaboration of architecture and IT are concerned with the technical side of construction. They work affectionately with architects and other building professionals to resolve any implicit design problems before the starting the construction.



The Architects duty is to design new buildings and spaces, to help with reconstruction, restoration and conservation as well as developing new strategies which are suitable for  reusing existing buildings.


Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives, changing how we work economically, how we learn and how we design in a high quality in a short period of time. Our technology service will fix all technical issues and designs relating to marketing and advertisement.

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Roya Towers, E- 13, Erbil, Kurdistan.

+964 750 30 10 100


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